Get Healthy__ How To Have A Healthier Memorial Day Picnic

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Memorial Day is this weekend, and that means loads of picnics. Typical picnic foods like burgers and macaroni salad aren’t always the healthiest, but we've got some healthier options for you to try.

Turkey Burgers
This is probably the easiest swap on our list. If you know they’ll be serving burgers at the picnic, bring along a few turkey burgers for other health conscious picnic-goers. Season with some garlic, salt and pepper and mix in some onions before you go and ask the chef to grill them up for you.

Chips and Dips
Instead of fat-laden potato chips and cream-based dips, opt for multigrain tortilla chips with homemade guacamole. Guacamole is high in vitamins and healthy fats that will fill you up a lot faster than regular chip dip, and multigrain tortilla chips will give you some extra fiber with a lot less saturated fat.

Macaroni Salad
Macaroni is a huge picnic favorite, but it’s packed with fat and calories. Instead of using mayo, whip up some mac salad using greek yogurt instead. We promise it’ll taste just as delicious with half the calories. Bonus: greek yogurt is packed with protein to keep you fuller, longer.

Pasta Salad
Make a healthy pasta salad by using whole-wheat pasta and adding lots of veggies like spinach, tomatoes, broccoli and carrots. Try to add enough veggies so you have at least a 2:1 veggie to pasta ratio. Top with a light vinaigrette to add some extra flavor.

Go Bun-less
A quick and easy way to cut calories at a picnic is to eat your burger or hotdog without the bun. Cut your hotdog up and eat it that way instead, or eat your burger on a lettuce “bun”. Opt for mustard instead of ketchup or mayonnaise – only three calories per teaspoon.

Green Tea
Instead of drinking soda or sugar-filled canned tea, brew some black or green tea a few hours before the picnic and let it chill in your refrigerator, then add ice and lemon or mint before you leave. Unsweetened iced tea is super refreshing in hot weather, so make sure you bring enough to share.

Angel Food Cake
Angel food cake is the perfect dessert when you want to have your cake and eat it too. At about a quarter of the calories of regular chocolate cake, you can eat this completely guilt-free. Top with fresh berries and fat-free whipped topping.


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