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You just pulled yet another all-nighter to catch up on work, and it definitely shows. Your skin looks dull and your eyes are drooping, but you’ve got to look fresh-faced for your afternoon presentation. Here’s how to do it:

Even if you were only able to get a couple of hours of sleep, set your alarm 20 minutes early to get in a quick workout before starting your day. Not only will this wake you up, it’ll also get your blood flowing and leave you with a rosy, I-actually-slept-last-night-looking glow.

Skip the neutrals – black and white won’t do you any favors when you’re looking exhausted. Choose a color that flatters you skin and choose a shirt or earrings in that shade. Bonus: earrings attract attention away from your tired eyes.

Makeup can do wonders to make you look fresh-faced when you feel anything but fresh. Curl your lashes, apply an extra coat of mascara and put some shimmering shadow on the inside of your eyes to brighten up your entire face. 

Splashing some cold water on your face first thing in the morning will shock you and open up your eyes. If you’re really exhausted, turn your shower water to cold for a few seconds before getting out to wake yourself right up.

One of the biggest symptoms of dehydration is fatigue. When you’re already exhausted from lack of sleep, you don’t need dehydration making you tired too. Start drinking right when you wake up and keep a bottle with you all day to make sure you’re getting enough water.

If you need a pick-me-up in a pinch (pun intended), try some DIY acupressure. Gently pinch the point between your thumb and forefinger for 30 seconds to give you a quick boost.

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