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Thinking about pulling an all-nighter to catch up on your latest work assignment? You might want to reconsider.

A small study suggested that sleep deprivation could affect the genes that regulate your circadian rhythm. In the study, participants got one full night of sleep as well as one night with no sleep. After pulling the all-nighter, their cortisone levels and genetic markets were completely messed up, indicating that skipping sleep for just one night can cause huge changes.

These changes make it extremely hard to function normally the next day. They could even cause you to make riskier choices and act more irresponsibly. It’ll also be more difficult for you to perform learning and memory tasks. For example, you’re more likely to believe false memories when you’re tired. You’re also more likely to obsess over a question you don’t know the answer to instead of using your self-awareness to keep you moving.

If that’s not enough to get you to hit the hay, skipping a night of sleep means that your brain can’t clean itself of toxic byproducts that have built up from all the thinking you did throughout the day. It also can cause you to be mean to your friends. Yikes.

While you should be aiming for at least seven hours of sleep every night, if the damage is already done, there is something you can do. Science Of Us recommends resisting the urge to sleep in, eating a healthy breakfast, soaking up some sun and grabbing a cup of coffee--but just one!

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