Get Healthy__ Sorry Cellulite, This Happens To Be Your Exit

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When the sun comes out so do the swimsuits, but along with it comes your annoying friend cellulite. Of course, the creams, lotions and other treatments that we test out to combat the unwanted dimples never seem to hold up to standard – and that’s why we’re telling you to just stop.

According to experts, cellulite is simply genetic (thanks Mom) but that doesn’t mean a couple of specific foods can’t help reduce the issue.

“Cellulite is caused by subcutaneous fat pushing against webbed connective tissue causing the look of dimples," says Be Well founder and nutritionist Kelly LeVeque in an interview with Glamour. "To reduce the look of dimpled skin, it’s important to stay hydrated, reduce sodium intake, and balance the mineral content in the cells."

LeVeque recommends drinking more water, eating healthy servings of fruits and vegetables, indulging in healthy fats such as seeds and nuts, and eating lean proteins like salmon during the summer months. Seems simple enough to us. See you later cellulite.

Via: Glamour

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