Get Healthy__ These Soda Lollipops Are Cool and Scary All At The Same Time

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Okay, so at this point you've heard about the negative affects of sugary beverages like teas, juices, and sodas. And while we know grabbing for a bottled water will always be the better option, sometimes you want to pop the top on a guilty pleasure can of soda.

Food Photographer Henry Hargreaves made it his mission to capture just how much sugar goes into your favorite beverage – by boiling it down and making too-big-to-handle lollipops out of the sugar.

"After recently hearing a health professional refer to soda as 'the cigarettes of our generation,' I decided to do an experiment to show what's in soft drinks after the water is boiled away — in other words, dehydrating the hydrator," Hargreaves told Mashable. "Once boiled, I took each remaining substance and poured it into a lollipop mold. After all, I figure that's what you're essentially getting: candy in costume as a soft drink."

That soda might be looking good in these pretty photos, but it isn't looking so good as a drinking option anymore.

Via: Marie Claire

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