Get Healthy__ This App Might Be the Best and Worst Thing That’s Ever Happened to Us

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It’s so easy for one casual drink to turn into, well, a lot of drinks – and sooner (rather than later) you can’t really recall the exact number, or any number.

It can be difficult, or near impossible, to truly recall the amount of glasses of wine you had that one girls night or the amount of cocktails at the bar, and we totally understand. But enter the new Alcohol Tracker app, and you have a mix between your best and worst best friend.

Not only does the app count how many drinks you’ve had, but also it gives you a little heads up when you’ve reached your limit. So if you're trying to watch your caloric intake, you can switch to soda water on ice when appropriate.

The app developed by doctors (surprise, surprise!) uses psychological tricks to help guide you into not over indulging.

We know what you're thinking, bottoms up! Or not...

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