Get Healthy__ This Is Why We’re Still Hungry After a Healthy Snack

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Sure, we learn about a new health food, do some minor research and (voila!) it has now made its way into our daily diet. But what you might not know if some of them are making us more hungry!

Topping the list: yogurt and salad. Well, there goes half of our daily meal plan. But don’t eliminate them just yet. According to health practitioner Dawn Jackson Blatner it’s just a matter of adding in a few necessary ingredients.

Yogurt sounds like a great idea for breakfast, but chances are a couple spoonfuls of a nonfat cup isn’t going to curb your appetite as much as chewing something with texture, says Blatner. Try adding some granola or nuts to give yourself something to chew on and fulfill your hunger. As for salad, we’re not saying eliminate the leafy greens but balance out the ingredients by using Blatner’s salad plan: A mix of leafy greens, protein (like chicken, salmon, or turkey), one serving of whole grains, fresh produce and a healthy fat (like avocado, olive oil, or hard cheese).

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