Get Healthy__ This New Diet Revolves Around Nature’s Cycles

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Ever heard of Ayurveda? Us either. But apparently it’s yoga’s sister science and it’s preached for a multitude of health benefits including clear skin and weight loss.

Literally translated Ayurveda means, ‘life knowledge.’ Of course, being a holistic diet “it teaches that by living in harmony with nature’s cycles you can restore and maintain health,” explains Monica Yearwood, founder of the Hamsa Wellness Center in Chicago to Shape.

These cycles include the 24-hour cycle of the sun in addition to only eating foods that are in season and having your largest meal midday. The diet has no eliminations or food groups that are off limits, but rather aims to incorporate six tastes into every meal: sweet, salty, bitter, pungent, and astringent.

Give the ayurveda experience a try here.

Via: Shape

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