Get Healthy__ Why You Might Want to Skip Your Morning Kale Shake

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It can’t be true, the superfood we’ve always held on a pedestal may just be rounding out the end of its reign.

Boasted for its ample amounts of calcium, Vitamin K, potassium, magnesium, and other various phytochemicals necessary for daily nutrition, kale might just be hiding a dirty secret.

But the secret is out, kale has a high level of heavy metals, which can be dangerous to our body. According to a recent study conducted by molecular biologist Ernie Hubbard, kale – along with cabbage, cauliflower, and other greens – acts as a hyper-accumulator of heavy metals, such as thallium and cesium in the body.

While kale has taken the health food industry by storm since it was termed as a superfood and has been making countless appearances in smoothie bowls and shakes, David Quid the lead scientist at Doctors Data says the heavy metals are “additive and synergistic.” Quid added in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, “this stuff bioaccumulates, and down the road it’s going to kick you in the ass one way or another.”

Via: Harper's Bazaar

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