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I turn ditches into wells. Wells into wave pools.

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The first time I met Rob, we talked smack for about 30 minutes and decided it was time to continue the discussion over tomato soup and oversized chocolate chip cookies. When time came to leave, he slipped me a napkin. It was me. Whoever told you Rob Roy was just a singer, had no idea […]

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Over the weekend, I went  to see Madball live in Anaheim for the millionth time. hearty recently took a trip down hardcore memory lane and found it’s way onto my dear friend Spoiler’s record player. I’m honored to say hearty will forever be playing with some of my favorite bands including: No Warning, Madball and […]

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Last week, Mira blogged about our Captain friend Alex’s feature on the lovely Maura’s site. This week, I’m so happy to share Ink #2 featuring my best friend Tracey Leigh Flynn. I don’t like sticks (unless they’re being used to make smores) and I don’t really like getting poked, but I’d consider getting stick n’ poked for you…Check out […]