Life and Times of a Four Legged Giant

Working Girl

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Picture by Kisha Bari -

Some people in my life think I am a lazy pug. Little do they know I am a 24/7 work horse. Really you need proof? Good thing I am well connected in the photo imaging world, e.g in the picture (taken by my photographer colleague Kisha Bari) below I am safe guarding a super secret shipment of precious new film materials by Impossible films... One of my jobs these days...
Anyhow girlfriends, its very important for bitches and ladies alike to have a satisfying, and challenging career. I personally like to switch it up and go in between professions to not get bored - so I dedicate my time to healing, people walking, moonlighting as a model, warehouse work, and please mark your calendars my day time television engagement is coming up really soon.
My dad, Dave Ortiz aka Crazy Dave aka founder of Dave’s Wearhouse (and previously Dave’s Quality Meat/DQM) and Yours Truly will co-host a viral television show -DAYTIMES WITH CRAZY DAVE- starting in mid July of this year... its gonna be supersdooperultracraze, ladies, and I will need your support to get our ratings up... More details once I get the next memo from my agent. In the meantime, enjoy your fresh vegetables and some lean meats, the bathing suit season is upon us (I really don’t give a flying fox about this, I just exercise cause my mom and dad make me walk a lot and yes, I got the good genes, so I still eat ANYTHING I can get)…. Love, Squishy

Posing is for Bitches

Thursday, June 9th, 2011
My friend John Matsunaga stopped by my new office at the Impossible Project and took a real nice picture of me and my rabbit... I really like my posture in this image, do you think it might work for the Westminster Kennel show? Then again modeling really bores me, I much rather work in my day job as a healer and certified nurse. Enjoy the early summer heat, dont forget to hydrate! Love, Squishy

Queen Squishy

Monday, May 9th, 2011
Her Royal Highness, Queen Squishy of LES extends her belated best wishes to the Royal Couple. All that badabingtamtam was cute and all but seriously you Brits ain’t got nothing on a pug wearing a crown… Got your pug-on for today? Love, Squishy.


Friday, March 25th, 2011

HELP + HELP + HELP I have been devastated over the recent catastrophe in Japan. Anyhow - sitting around and being sad does not help anyone, so I would kindly ask your support in helping my fellow friends in Japan to find shelter, food and help in reuniting with their family, friends and owners. Please go to And donate some change, a weekly salary or give them your life savings. Thanks for having an open ear, heart and wallet! Love, Squishy HELP + HELP + HELP


Squishy and Friends Part I

Monday, March 7th, 2011

Ladies, ladies (now don’t get all catty boys, you know when u read hearty u turn into girls…) Totally overlooked to introduce you to my new room- and playmate, Pablo. He has really big ears, great posture, he only wears red,  I think he is mad handsome,  I do kind of dig him, but shhh,  don’t tell him I told you, he is about as high-strung as the elevator going up to the Empire State Building. So, yes we do get into some arguments here and there, but we are also totally cool together, besides we are kind of a patchwork family at this point, and we do spend most of our time together. Also we are on the same page in regards to going outside when it’s snowing or raining – it SUCKS! We hate it and have come up with some pretty good tricks to avoid it as much as possible. We found some dope chairs in the park and reenacted the coronation ceremony of Queen Elisabeth. (See above.) And here are some more pics of us hanging out….

Doing Pilates at home.

In the park discussing The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Waiting for a sandwich delivery.

With my dad – we tried to convince him to get us the same hats for this photo-shoot but he blew it… Alrighty, almighty. Love, Squishy

When I Feel Blue – Batman

Monday, March 7th, 2011