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"At the risk of alienating every guy we've ever dated, we present to you our list of the 20 guys you'll date in your 20s and what to expect," Christine Tam and Emaleah Shackleton of the Green Eggs and Tam blog say, as they lead you into their list of The 20 Guys You'll Date in Your 20s. From "The Lead Singer of a Band" to "The Young Guy" to "The Actor/Model (aka The Waiter/Bartender)" these ladies hilariously weave you in and out of your soon to be dating track record, that is if you haven't already ran through all these types of men.

First on the list is "The Artist," which they give fair warning about. "Next thing you know you’re posing in your underwear in his studio/loft conversion. Hook, line and paint-her."

Read about the rest of the men here.

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  1. Charlotte charlotte says:

    This may actually be worse than the why you’re not married article.

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