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"There is an unhealthy ratio of datable men to datable women in New York (or whatever city)." We've heard this complaint drunkenly slurred over and over. Even if this is true or not--we think that women need to troll up to Queens and open their eyes--it's still a stereotypical urban myth that dangles above the heads of most single women. That and, the whole "Is he gay?" hurdle that more recently, thanks to the metrosexual trend, has become an issue. Really rubbing it in, Refinery29 compiled a list of 26 of Fashion's Most Eligible Bachelors just to remind their single, straight female readers that yes, these so-called great catches are, for the most part, way to into fashion, possibly gay and probably not reachable (not that we're sure we want them).

Check out the list here and let us know which of these men you would want to date?

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2 Responses to “Eligible Bachelors?”

  1. Kenza kenza says:

    I don’t think a single one of those dudes weighs more than me. Fail fail fail.

  2. Charlotte charlotte says:

    Although jewelry is the last thing I ever think to put on, I think I have a thing for Waris.

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