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Diving into the world of water workouts.

As warmer weather starts to creep closer, the desire to shed our winter layers and sweat it out before beach season has been on all of our minds. Maybe this year you do things different--you shed a few extra layers and hop right in. Yes, swimming laps in a pool is a good way to get some full body going, but there are new exercises that incorporate water that are a little more exciting than your granny's laps. Whether it means suiting up for aqua spinning or ruining your blow out with aqua Zumba, trust us, it’s worth the change of wardrobe.

If you’re new to incorporating water into your workout, don’t you worry. Water adds a resistance to your workout that is unlike anything you’ve tried before. It’s merely about taking you workout routine to a new level as well as a new environment. Plus, adding a new workout regimen to your normal routine can actually help you tone up quicker.

So in the spirit of rising temperatures that will push us all outdoors and into the water, here are 3 Water workouts You Must Try, guaranteed to tone you up while starting to get your feet wet.

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