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If you don't live in New York, get ready to be jealous. 50 times. The Village Voice put together 50 Reasons to be Pretty Damn Euphoric You Live in NYC. Or maybe if you don't live in NY, you won't get it.

Some highlights from the list include:

47. There is always someone crazier than you. ALWAYS.

41. We get the inside jokes. Because, actually, we made them up in the first place.

38. Drinking is like breathing. Or slightly more acceptable.

25. Except in select 'hoods like Park Slope and perhaps the Upper West Side, children are viewed as mysterious beings, rarely sighted and only occasionally understood, like pixies or magical small butlers. Until they scream, in which case, they are banished from the palace.

7. Subway "prewalking," in which you walk to the exact right spot on the platform to board the train car that will save you the most time upon exit, exists and has a name. Gotta respect.

Read the full 50 Reasons to be Pretty Damn Euphoric You Live in NYC here.

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