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Baseball isn't just about awesome 90s movies, it's also about screwing Jeter, mailing Ichiro letters, the 7th inning and more!

By: Heather Brodie

Fall is upon us, which means baseball has been taking over any bar with a TV everywhere. Some of us get most (or all) of our baseball references from a few choice 90’s movies, which is fine--did someone say A League of Their Own?--but you can only refer to Kevin Costner so many times before people stop inviting you to their World Series parties. As the season creeps up to a close, and more and more people pretend they've been following the sport all season long, we're helping you for when you end up at a bar watching a whole bunch of pitching, catching and sliding. Or maybe you've been into baseball all season and in that case don't bother reading on.

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