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A limited edition of bags made out of magic carpets from A Kind of Guise

Around two years ago, A Kind of Guise headed off to the Middle East. They went to almost every country in the Persian Gulf, and collected and brought with them over fifty hand-knit, used carpets to their home base of Germany. Not for their interior décor, rather, A Kind Of Guise created a limited collection of a hundred backpacks, complimented with leather and un-dyed cotton detailing. They titled the collection of bags the Kilim Project, after tapestry-woven rugs, kilims, that are made in countries in the Balkans all the way to Pakistan.

Each bag has an entirely unique print, local to the Middle East and is handmade by A Kind Of Guise in Germany. Some of A Kind Of Guise's rug collection even dates back to the 19th century.  There is definitely something magical about these.

See more of the Kilim Project by A Kind of Guise below.

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