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A letter to Amy Winehouse

Dear Amy,

This is a letter to you in your absence. We will miss your soulful crooning and are left in a state of confusion about our emotions after your death. For a woman in the spotlight you never conformed to the normalcies of our generation. They tried to make you go to rehab, but you said no. You challenged what a 5-time grammy winner's image could look like. You were a mess, and you were insane, but your stripped-bare, can't get-it-together gig was endearing.  You combined having zero inhibitions with being pin-up sexy and had a massive reserve of talent to back it up. Your tattoos and emaciated body have been the subject of so much tabloid scrutiny, and we feel for you as a result.

All in all, we want to salute you, Amy.  You deserve to be remembered with both love and humour.

xx the hearty girls

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