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By day, Josh Cooley is a story artist for Pixar and by night, he turns R-rated movies into children's books. From the "Lil' Inappropriate Book" series, Movies R Fun, is a compilation of Cooley's cinematic stills over the past 2 years. Isn't it true that scary movies through young eyes are scarier than they actually are? Cooley flips that perspective around to bestow an aura of quaintness upon the movie scenes. The youthful element of his illustrations makes the violence and sex simplistic and silly--illuminating that they're just as make-believe as cartoons. The book will be available at this year's Comic-Con and APE Expo San Francisco in November. We like the idea of tearing out pages or buying individual prints from his blog to replace battered movie posters stolen from rental places. Check out a few pages from his book below.

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