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Before theĀ  "Darker Blue Trilogy" video, it probably only took a couple moves (or a few parties) to link photographer Tim Barber (a past Featured Artist on hearty) with art-punk electro band A.R.E Weapons. But now that Barber has directed the band's triptych music video (and Barbers first music video), there's no need for counting degrees. The two are as natural together as sweat and spit (see the first part of the video for details). Their project is gritty, lo-fi and visceral both visually and aurally--and it aptly speaks for the aesthetics of both parties. Even though the three samplers are presented separately, they fit together nicely. Highlights included a beaten up pizza, security camera effects and the back end view of self-pleasuring man who will haunt your dreams. A.R.E. Weapons haven't put out a album since 2007, but "Darker Blue Trilogy" is an exciting introduction to the release of their album, "Darker Blue."

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