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Start training for the New York Hunger Games.

If New York didn't have it's own type of Hunger Games already, it does now. New York Sports Club is offering a "Train like a Tribute" class for those die hard Hunger Games fans. The "game" lasts 45-minutes long and is open to anyone who wants to volunteer as tribute (aka gym members and non-gym members). The class include a number of Hunger Games inspired exercises that you must complete, a number of times, in order to win a mockingjay pin. Looking to prepare a little in advance? The names and explanations (Katniss Killers, Peacekeeper Battle Ropes etc.) of the exercises performed in this classes can be found online. Here's how the class works:

1. All tributes pick a spot in the studio as their starting pedestal.

2. The Game instructor then shows the tributes the different exercises for each station.

3. Finishing all exercises counts as one complete circuit. The more circuit's you complete before time runs out the higher chance you have at winning a mockingjay pin.

4. The Game instructor is allowed to randomly throw in a sudden "disaster" like imaginary fireballs, or mutant dog attacks. Meaning that the tributes will have to also tackle these disasters (which may include using the TRX band to escape the dogs) in order to win the game.

May the odds be in your favor!

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