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By: Mish Way and Yasi Salek

It’s that time of year again! We eat a lot of crappy, rich, salty food, drink rich wine and hang out with our relatives we have nothing in common with. After that, as we all get ready to bring in the new year with a party dress and purse full of happy time pills, we take a minute to reflect on all the things that happened this year. The things that made headlines and, then, made our heads spin. To round-out 2012, we had Cultist Zine founder and all-around amazing Los Angeles woman Yasi Salek and our writer Mish Way team up to dish out on this year’s big events.

A is for ATL Twins

These dudes are pretty much the weirdest people we have ever encountered, so it makes perfect sense that Harmony Korine found them and put them in his new movie Spring Breakers. The Atlanta-based, Chattanooga-bred twins are like some skater-wigger-alien hybrid who have slept in the same bed their whole lives (they are TWENTY FIVE) and share everything, from tattoos (they have the exact same ones) to women (they were engaged to the same girl for four years). Oh also their names are Sydney and Thurman (no for real) and they’re pals with Riff Raff because OF COURSE THEY ARE.

B is for Bath Salts

Just when you thought all the drugs had already been invented (by the government, if you’re into that sort of conspiracy theory shit), along come bath salts, some crazy synthetic drug that’s basically like coke if coke caused a lot of paranoia, hallucinations, brain damage, and the off-chance that you might strip off all your clothes and start eating someone’s face. On the plus side, it’s legal. On the negative side, face eating is frowned upon. Your call, really.

C is for Call Me Maybe and Carly Rae Jepsen

While the honors of biggest song of 2012 undoubtedly go to “Gangam Style” by PSY (and yes, we will admit that even we like that “Heyyyy sexy lady” bit), the biggest song in our HEARTS was undoubtedly “Call Me Maybe.” Say what you will about Carly Rae Jepsen (an example might be: WTF how is she 27?) but that song is pure pop magic. People who say they hate this song are the same kind of people who LOVE Animal Collective and NEVER watch TV, and they can all S our D.

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