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D is for Dominants and Submissives, and How Much 50 Shades Of Grey Sucks

First of all a giant THANK YOU to EL James for finally writing a book that delved into the topic of S&M, because there haven’t been other books (good, well-written books) about the subject (like the Marquise De Sade or Venus In Furs). The world definitely needed Twilight fan fiction turned allegedly subversive romance novel as the world’s introduction to S&M culture (in a world where if you let a dude do something “bad” he will love you and become your boyfriend), and we definitely needed to hear our aunts and grandmothers talking about anal beads. THANK. YOU.

E is for Elle Fanning

It’s like we’re finally kind of used to designers being obsessed with completely unrealistic praying-mantis-bodies, when the fashion world decides that now they are obsessed with Elle Fanning, the doughy-skinned starlet who was in every magazine and on every red carpet in some crazy Rodarte or Prada get up being all doll-like and creepy and FOURTEEN FUCKING YEARS OLD. It should be noted that Yasi is writing this and if it sounds crazy and meandering it’s because Elle Fanning haunts my nightmares and I am pretty sure she has no bones in her face, thank you for listening good-bye.

F is for Frank Ocean

We’re not ashamed to admit that we cried buckets after reading Frank Ocean’s candid Tumblr letter detailing the first time he fell in love with a man, effectively coming out to the world as a gay (or bisexual) dude. Coming out (for lack of a better term) is never easy, but when you’re a break-out R&B sensation affiliated with a super controversial hip-hop group well-known for lyrics about necrophilia and rape, not to mention generous use of the word f*ggot, it’s tear-inducing in its bravery.

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