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Patsy, Eddy and the rest return for another debaucherous event

It’s been 20 years since the first Absolutely Fabulous episode aired on the BBC. And in celebration, Jennifer Saunders, Joanna Lumley and the rest of the cast have reunited for a 3-episode anniversary special. Two episodes have already aired (one on Christmas day, the other on New Year's day), and the last is expected in late July. The show, a classic example of self-indulgence and fashion gone awry, paints a hilariously destructive and irresponsible picture of two middle-aged (though we suspect Patsy is even older) women stuck in their partying youth. Unable to function without each other, Patsy and Edina are co-dependent BFF’s who just can’t get it together. And that’s exactly why we love it so much.

In celebration of the 20th Anniversary Absolutely Fabulous special, we give you some of our favorite fashion moments from the long-running British series below. “Right. Cheers. Thanks a lot.”

Flashback episodes of the 60s and 70s always showed Eddy and Patsy in their best-dressed years. Despite desperate efforts, they never fully made it in the  modern fashion world.

Pre-beehive Patsy just doesn't look like enough of a mess. And Eddy's wild style was almost acceptable.

What's a ski trip without a case of wine, ten cartons of cigarettes and over the top getups?

Though not her best fashion moment, Patsy still managed to look half decent after surviving a fire she caused in Eddy's kitchen.

How could Eddy get through a season without donning a hideous track suit or Patsy without a hateful sneer at small children?

Eddy's early 90s "Pump Up The Jam" outfits are legendary and continued well into the 2000s.

Patsy's stint as soft porn star "Boobarella" is hands down the best Ab Fab fashion moment. How could it not be?

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