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Make-up ads featuring a heavily air-brushed Christy Turlington and Julia Roberts angered the A.S.A.

The UK Advertising Standards Authority is really cracking down on beauty ads. Recently the organization banned two ads from Maybelline and LancĂ´me because they claimed that the campaigns which featured 43-year-old Julia Roberts and 42-year-old Christy Turlington were obviously airbrushed and this is unacceptable. Even though Maybelline noted at the bottom of the ad that the image featured an "illustrated effect" the A.S.A. did not think this disclaimer was enough. Parliament member Jo Swinson is pioneering the crusade to end unrealistic beauty standards in mainstream advertising. Swinson felt that the fine print of the Maybelline ad was "misleading" and that these types of airbrushed, unrealistic images put pressure on women and young girls who idealize these cultural messages. True, this is something we all know and have tried to deconstruct when interacting with mainstream beauty ads. Make-up can do wonders, but digital enhancement is a whole different kind of beast and it's a big bear the A.S.A. is up against. We're just glad they are brave enough to stick out the fight.

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  1. Hana May Hana May says:

    Go A.S.A. Go.

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