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According to The New York Times and Bust, Alexa Chung will be starring in a new PBS reality show about thrift shopping (because, apparently, the trick of saving a buck or two has become trendy enough to require it's own celebrity host.) Chung will travel the country combing flea markets, thrift shops and consignment stores in search of runway-perfect treasures, giving viewers a how-to guide to bargain shopping. Chung has been crowned the fashion it-girl of this year and is famous for her chic yet quirky look, however some wonder if she can hack it in the second-hand world? Mary at Bust asked, "Sure, she's friends with Karl Lagerfeld, but will she comb the children's section for old t-shirts? And what about records, tchochkes, bric-a-brac, and half-off tags?" Well Chung, show us what you got.

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