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Fashion can get a little confusing when you're shopping for clothes to keep you cool while flipping through new collections full of looks to warm you up. By the time one season finally settles in, you've forgotten if wedges are for fall, pre-fall or resort. The exception is in the hemisphere.

Australians may call it a  "fall" collection but Alice McCall's airy little dresses are ready to wear right away for those of us in the North. McCall must know the power of her Down Under ways because she spent 10 years in London as a stylist. She worked for MTV and then freelanced to the stars, from Kelis to Marianne Faithful. When she made the move to designer, she also made the move back home to Sydney.

Primarily skirts and dresses, McCall often plays with cut-outs and macrame gaps through the f/w '10 collection titled, "The Harlem Renaissance." Whenever the designs show a little skin, the unexpected location makes it as whimsical as it is sexy. With tights, boots and a jacket over top, the dresses will easily transition to fall...whenever your fall is.

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