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With something like a gazzillion years of DJing under his belt, Adam could easily qualify for his DJ senior citizen card (Do those get you discounts on records?). Not that he's that old, he' just been playing that long. So long, he actually knows how to play records (the same ones he's getting discount on). Adam can often be found camera in hand, tequila in the other armed with an infectiously charming glare. Head over to our weekly hearty party at Bardot in Los Angeles and say hi to him from us, he's promised us some"greatness" and we somehow know he'll live up to it.

5 Questions with the hearty night DJ

Most ridiculous request you've gotten while DJing?

To play hip hop when I'm already playing hip hop, happens all the time, kids confuse top 40 rap with hip hop.

Best dance move during your set?

I'm good at busting windmills when confined to a small booth that most DJs couldn't really make it happen in.

Most embarrassing moment you've witnessed DJing?

Paris asking for Paris then dancing to Paris and falling down while dancing to Paris.

If _____ started DJing you'd quit?

I'll never quit.

Biggest "no no" song for a DJ to play?

"No, No, No"  by Dawn Penn

Bardot Hollywood
1732 Vine St, Hollywood, CA
9pm – late

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