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Looking at you looking at what you’re looking at

Eye-spy with my mannequin eye an uncomfortable shopping experience. Italian company Almax has begun manufacturing and distributing their EyeSee Mannequin, an intelligent mannequin with a camera behind one eye.

Intended to stand in the store, or window display, EyeSee analyzes the actions of consumers--where they move, what they touch, ignore, and even their facial features are recorded then examined to provide statistical and contextual information for producers.

Specific costumer movements during what times of day are noted to illustrate what is popular with what kinds of people and when, and this is just phase one. Soon, Almax will be adding audio according to CEO Max Catanese in an interview with ABC News, “Say, you are in front of a mannequin with a blue dress, and you say to your friend, 'It would be wonderful to have it in red.’ It will capture the words and analyze the words [but] not record it."


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