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Born refugee Lovetta Conto has an inspiring story and tells it in every leaf and button pendant sold for the Strongheart Fellowship. Born to a refugee camp in Liberia, Lovetta like many others grew up without a hope for the future. With the spirit and guidance of her father, an education, an interest for design and the support of Cori Stern (Founder of Strongheart Fellowship), Lovetta has grown into a young entrepreneur becoming one of the two finalists for the 2008 International Children’s Peace Prize.

Conto’s jewelry line Akawelle –Aka: Also Known As, Wel'le: Love- has been handcrafted with materials not foreign to Liberia. The leaf pendant is made from melted bullet shells and the bead is the actual bottom of the bullet shell. Akawelle is available for purchase online and all proceeds will be donated to the Strongheart House, where Lovetta resides amongst many refugee girls now growing up with the spirit, support and education Conto luckily had received.

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