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American Horror Story Asylum 2.0

If One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest was remade into a dance party, this is what it would look like. British duo, AlunaGeorge's new music video for "Best Be Believing," takes us to the mental asylum, which in this case happens to be a dance rehab clinic. The singer of the group, Aluna Francis has been condemned to the hospital for turning up too much, but it does more harm than good as her presence awakens the other patients. The other half of AlunaGeorge, George Reid, plays a doctor. In one particular scene, a bunch of girls dance around what looks like a UV light. Some kind of rehab therapy or just trying to get a tan? We'll let you decide.

Watch AlunaGeorge's music video for "Best Be Believing" below.

Seen via: Noisey

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