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American Apparel turns to eBay

Headmaster hipster, Don Charney of American Apparel is taking his nearly bankrupt brand to eBay. Starting in September, shoppers will now be able to buy American Apparel products from a special online A.A. eBay store, even though the products are straight out the A.A. stock room. The eBay homepage will also host an advertisement for the brand, promoting eBay users to check out the shop. What's the point of all this? Charney stated that there are more than 30,000 searches for American Apparel products on eBay every month and this is why it makes sense to hook-up online. We say: why bother. Shoppers can find an American Apparel on every downtown corner of every city in North America. Are A.A. employees that irritating? We don't think so.

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