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A travel log from Pamela Love's Elise Anderson and her debut in Paris. This edition features instant coffee, guessing where people work based on their outfits and Halloween en francais.

PART II: Americans in Paris! Day 2

By: Elise Anderson

Good thing I stopped in a grocery store the night before and shrugged off the clerk’s scorn to buy some instant coffee, because we fell into a deep jet lag coma. We all wake up late and entirely un-rested, but there are baking smells coming from the restaurant below our apartment. After a really potent cup of instant Nestle cafe, it feels good to be in Paris.

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Bread on table

Instant coffee

We hit the road, headed to the gallery, address in hand. It’s hard to walk straight in Paris when every building looks like a different version of a wedding cake, but we’re on the lookout for a cab and tardier by the minute. Turns out, catching a cab in Paris is about 400 times more difficult than it is in NYC. Even Pam in her awesome white lace dress from The Reformation (aka her runaway bride costume) couldn’t hail a cab after 30 minutes of hand-waving. We joke that the French must hold marriage more sacred, which is nowhere near true, but eventually we find an open cab and make it to the garden before the first guests fill the gallery.

Runaway Bride

Pretty Garden

Garden statues

Outside the Louvre

It’s fun arriving so early to the palace gardens. The gardens aren’t yet filled with tourists and shoppers, and it’s possible to take a picture or two without blurry passers by in the background.

Pam in window



While our rental apartment claimed to have le wifi, the actual internet service was slightly better at the gallery, so we spend the first several minutes frantically checking emails and updating various social media statuses. I happen to review the weather in Paris for the week on my iPhone only to regret my choice of long-sleeved black romper borrowed from TopShop.




Hanelli with Pam

As the day wears on, we show off the new, Moroccan-inspired collection to editors of Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, and buyers from both trendy online and major department stores. Someone comes around with fresh flowers for each table, and we fiddle for a bit rearranging the jewelry around them. It’s fun watching people walk in and try to guess who they are and what company they represent by what they’re wearing (It’s okay to do that in fashion, right?). Some highlights include Anna Della Russo, eclectic Editor of Vogue Japan. I’m told she only wears full runway looks and has an obvious penchant for bright colors, billowing volume, and shock value. Hanelli Mustaparta, who is probably the only one appropriately dressed for the heat in a striped Stella McCartney summer cape and leather shorts.

Pamela Love backdrop

Each of the ten chosen designers presenting at the gallery have created a custom design as part of an “Americans in Paris” collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger, and the designs are printed on tote bags sold at Tommy stores and online. As a nice addition to the setting, Vogue and the CFDA had custom backdrops made with the designs to go behind each display like a sail.

You can see the other designer’s backdrops on the bags here.

Walk home

At the end of a long, warm day, we attempt to hail a cab with even worse luck this time. It seems all Parisian cabs are conveniently “off duty” at rush hour, so we head back a pied (that’s French for on foot) and get to see the sights on the way back. Highlight of the walk home? This creepy maybe Halloween-themed apartment decorated on the Rue de Rivoli, complete with French teens mixing drinks on the balcony and blasting house jams to the shoppers below. Oh, and the awesome street graffiti. The French are so punny.

Cake buildings

Halloween doesn’t translate?

"Witty graffiti"

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