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Sara Moskovitz created this Animal Instincts editorial spread especially for hearty

It was the body cage that started it off. "I had seen something similar in an old issue of Russian Vogue and I was determined to try and re-create it," Sara Moskovitz who patterned, made, sewed and styled everything in these photos--including the acrylic nails and earrings, said. "That, and I was still scared of using steel boning. It's tricky stuff. You wrestle with it but it's also amazingly strong and will give you the volume you want."

Born and raised in Portland Oregon, as the manager of Monster Vintage Sara gets to "play with vintage clothing every day." But for Sara, it wasn't by chance she ended up creating fashion, it runs in her family. "My grandmother on my mother's side was a wonderfully kooky dresser. I have the fondest memories of her taking me along for her weekend shopping mornings at the Los Angeles swap meet when we were visiting in the summertime. She was all about the clashing colored mumus and costume jewelry." And as far as the earrings in this collection? They were a "last minute idea--I just wanted to play with fringe!"

See the Animal Instincts spread by Sara Moskovitz and shot by photographer Rich Burroughs below.

Rich Burroughs | Photography
Sara Moskovitz | Stylist & Designer
Ruby Riewer | Hair

Jodi Vaughn | Makeup

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