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Baby face, tattoos, and a 6-pack, that's what rap is all about right?

You can say you know who the “hottest” rappers in the game are cause of how many albums he sells, or even how much he perspires, (funny, EgoTrip.) But our take on hottness is all about how much an MC can make you sweat. We're talking cold, hard good looks. That's right boys, no skill, swag, or stacks can help you make this list. It's all in the genes.

Here are hearty's 10 Hottest Rappers.

Click to see the first hottest rapper here.

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2 Responses to “THE ANSWER: 10 Hottest Rappers”

  1. Hallie says:

    I wanted to see Ma$e and those sinful dimples of his back before he headed his own ministry.

  2. Dana Dana says:

    TRUE HALLIE…Honorable mention

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