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Apple is about to release it's latest invention, a tablet computer called the "iPad." The iPad will be available in all drugstores, free-clinics, Mac stores by April 2010. It's very possible there were zero women working on the development of this product. iPad? Seriously? It is also very possible that men associate the word "pad" with "note" not "maxi."

According to The New York Times, the iPad:

", as predicted, essentially a giant iPod Touch: aluminum-backed, half-inch thin, with a 10-inch screen surrounded by a shiny black border. At the bottom, there’s the standard iPod/iPhone connector and a single Home button. It will be available in models ranging from $499 (16 gigs of memory, Wi-Fi) to $830 (64 gigs of memory, Wi-Fi and 3G cellular)."

The device is said to be sleeker and more functional than a tampon Kindle, with all the functions of a laptop or iPhone. Although the device makes reading and viewing videos easier, typing is tougher according to some critics. It seems that touch-keypads and adult male fingers don't mix.

And the name? Well, it (and the jokes that follow) will be sticking around until next period.

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  1. james braselton says:

    hi there wow ipad and ipen 24 inch ipad with a resolution 10,000 by 8,000 100 terabytes of ram and 4095 terabytes of light speed ram disk

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