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What is it with Australia right now? They are pumping out amazing designers faster than a fish lays eggs, and one of our current favorites is Arabella Ramsay and her latest Winter 2010 collection, Nomadic Intellect. The collection is a combination of folk-rock flavors, like flannel, lace, fur and leather, layered over-and-over for a lazy Woodstock look. In a recent interview, Arabella Ramsay said, "The nomadic theme is very much about wanderlust women traveling all corners on the earth for the spirit of adventure." The pieces seem to pair perfectly with one another, but we can imagine mixing them right in with our closets. You can shop Arabella Ramsay online at The Grand Social.

Images via Arabella Ramsay

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4 Responses to “NOMADIC INTELLECT”

  1. Charlotte charlotte says:

    Australia is on fire with affortable fashion. Its crazy!

  2. Maura says:

    So nice.

  3. mimi says:

    This collection is incredible! Good find!

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