News__ Archie Proposes to Veronica!

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The 65 year old battle for Archie Andrews has officially ended. Archie Comic Publications announced Wednesday that Archie has proposed marriage to the billionaire brunette Veronica Lodge –leaving Betty devastated. With the current economic crisis and Archie’s unemployment it is said that this proposal may have a lot to do with Lodge’s $8.6 billion dollar worth- proving to us that the history behind Archie’s motives when choosing Veronica over Betty are not actually true love. Check out the Riverdale gang’s blog here to see the drama unravel.

Quick recap:
Betty is broken hearted. (Finally Betty can move on and find a man who deserves her!)
Veronica wants Betty to be her maid of honor. (She’s so clueless)
Archie asked Jughead to be his best man (no reply yet, Jughead is a very close friend to Betty)
Reggie wants to ask Betty out on Friday.

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