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It has begun: CMJ Nonstop

Today is the first day of CMJ in New York and there are some outstanding artists performing that we can't wait to see. There's something enigmatic about CMJ. It's obvious there are a million different musical acts playing tons of different shows at five hundred different venues, but what does it all mean? With such a diverse list of performers, how can you choose where to be and how to prioritize? Trying to make it to every show would make anyone feel overwhelmed, but you want to make sure you see the ones that count. Luckily for you, we feel the same way and have decided to lay it out so perhaps, for once, you can just be whelmed. And not only in Europe. (10 Things I Hate About You reference for anyone not in their prime in '99)

Here are ten artists you shouldn't miss at CMJ 2012!

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