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Ashish and Topshop will have “Snowbored” with skiwear no more

Skiwear stopped being exciting when people stopped wearing those fantastic neon onesies back in the early 90s. Now these conspicuous things sadly collect dust on the racks at thrift shops and in our Grandmother’s basement. We really miss that wild “look-at-me” couture, especially because it got swapped with loose board pants and baggy jackets that mimicked tall tees. C’mon now, this is a really expensive winter sport.

This is exactly why we're stoked on this Ashish x TopShop collaboration, because Ashish Gupta has a sense of humor. His 9-piece unit features leopard print jackets with matching pants, bumbags and backpacks, complimented by sweatshirts that say things like “Chalet Come With You” and “Piste Off.” Genius.

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