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Remember the Atkins diet? It allowed you to live on red meat and lettuce while losing weight as fast as a pack of Ex Lax. Jennifer Aniston loved it. Then floundered in the early 2000's when this "magical low-carb diet" was causing more harm than good.

According to the Daily Mail UK the worlds most famous diet is back and better this time around. A team of American doctors, "who scrutinized the diet and more than 150 studies of its impact on health and weight loss," have revamped the diet into a healthier and more effective process. Instead of pumping yourself full of egg whites and raw beef, the new and improved Atkins, allows dieters to have fruit, vegetables and protein. No sugar and restricted carbohydrates are still a part of the deal. However, the new Atkins allows you to have alcohol (Thank gosh!) upon reaching a target weight after a few weeks of dietary adjustment. You can learn more about the resurrection of Atkins here.

Diets are fine and all, but we believe the only way to stay healthy is to get regular exercise (and yes, sex does count in our books), eat a balanced diet and have fun with your life.

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