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A little party and a little poetry

Franz Wright is an American poet whose work has been described as ranging from "homicidal to ecstatic" by the New York Review of Books. So it makes sense Aurel Schmidt, B.C. born, now NYC based artist, would collaborate with him on a new art book called Reveries of a Lost Life Mask. Schmidt's work is famous for its brave depictions of life as a self-proclaimed party girl. Her pieces are highly coveted and feature intricate drawings of cigarettes, condoms, beer cans, flowers, insects, rolled up dollar bills, and various empty drug bags, with splashes of such fluids as wine, spit, blood and cum, all put together to create tongue-in-cheek depictions of parties.

Reveries of a Lost Life Mask is a 68 page limited run of 1,000 and is published by Morel Books. It is available for pre-order here.

See some of Aurel Schmidt & Franz Wright's Reveries of a Lost Life Mask below.

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