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Avril Levigne makes clothing line, Abbey Dawn

Why does every celebrity who writes a decent album or plays a wicked role in a teen movie think that grants them the right to design clothing? We are so sick of celebrity clothing lines that seem to be a toned down replication of said celebrity's personal style. If it's not a scent, it's a butt ugly clothing line and it's megalomaniac celebrity behavior. The latest power trip comes from Miss Middle Finger herself, Avril Lavigne. Lavigne is trying to time the release of her third album with the promotional push of her clothing line, Abbey Dawn. Sold at Kohl's, Lavigne is trying to bring her line into a big fashion world one neon-pink-skull-and-cross-bones-logo at a time. According to The Cut, she will be wholesaling at boutiques like Trash & Vaudeville in New York as well as launching an e-commerce site. Even if the album flops, Lavigne and her manufacturer, Blank Generation, think that there is longevity in celebrity clothing.

“We’re trying to establish Abbey Dawn as a brand above and beyond Avril Lavigne the personality,” said Travis Anderson, estimating that first-year sales will be less than $20 million. “I’d like to establish it as a formidable streetwear line than a flash-in-the-pan celebrity line that goes in one retailer and out the other.”

To quote the title of Avril's upcoming single, "What the hell?"

Via: The Cut

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  1. jess bloom says:

    the name “abbey dawn” has a distinct stripppery vibe.

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