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Azealia Banks' new track "Fuck Up The Fun" debuted last night and has already been played over a hundred thousand times. No biggie.

Does everything cool now happen in Tokyo? Miss Banks dropped her new joint "Fuck Up The Fun" for her rapidly expanding fan base last night at the Chanel Pop-Up opening in the Japanese capital. Pairing up with new friend, Diplo (who produced the track--the boy knows how to make that drum-snare banger like no one else) "Fuck Up The Fun" is already banging out of speakers worldwide. In this song, Azealia's got the I-already-run-the-game tone in her voice, and even if she doesn't yet, she's on her way soon. Better watch out for this gal, she will "Smack ya' all in the face. All in ya' mouth."

Listen to Azealia Banks "Fuck Up The Fun" produced by Diplo below.

FUCK UP THE FUN Prod. By DIPLO & DJ MASTER-D by Azealia Banks

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4 Responses to “Azealia Banks “F*ck Up The Fun””

  1. nitpicker says:

    for the record diplo didnt make that shit, it has been out forever. azealia definitely destroyed it though.

  2. Dana says:

    Diplo produced the Azealia Banks track, the beat was originally crafted by DJ Master-D

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  4. Dana says:

    For more on the controversy about Diplo’s role in the production of this track hit this article:

    Not a new criticism of Diplo—we ALWAYS have to ask the question of how far sampling goes. EQing and compression does not a refix make.

    Diplo is CLEARLY doing something right—but take his ventures with a grain of salt through critical eyes and don’t be afraid to call thief when its appropriate.

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