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You do you, Azealia

Azealia Banks released her remix to the sensational "Harlem Shake" last week--a remix she apparently created months ago before the "Harlem Shake" viral homemade video craze hit. Banks, in her traditional idgaf fashion, released the track and subsequent video despite the pleadings of DJ Baauer, the creator of the electro hit. Baauer understandably had Banks' version removed from Soundcloud in an effort to batten down the hatches. Banks responded by uploading the video featured below to her Twitter. The video is rather monotonous as is Banks' dub and is certainly not radical enough to defend her against a rap community mutiny should she continue her bridge-burning.

In a continuing saga of off-handed tweets composed of no more than 140 fighting words, Banks continued the drama she lighted with the release of her track, inviting chastisement from influential celebrity blogger Perez Hilton with gay slurs and defensive one liners. Hilton went so far as to pose Banks the question, "How does it feel to be better known for all your trash talking than your music Azealia?"

Decide for yourself. Is the video worth angering Baauer and his more recognizable pal Diplo?

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