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19-year-old rapper Azealia Banks signs to Universal Records

Azealia Banks is not weary of major labels--she's like the Courtney Love of rap. The 19-year-old Harlem-born rapper recently signed to Universal Records without any worries of losing her credibility.

Banks blew up this year with her hit single "212" which spread from Pitchfork to The Fader before the last chorus even finished up. “I want to do this thing, and I don’t even really know what the fuck ‘this thing’ is yet, but considering how ambitious my ideas are musically, I definitely need a label that will really get it out there,” Banks said in a recent Pitchfork interview. "I’m not really scared of major labels. I just want to work where I’m allowed to make mistakes and do my own thing rather than get into a situation where someone else has their own agenda of what they want me to be.” Get it.

Watch Azaelia Bank's video for "212" below.

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