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Shoes, jewels, dessert...Babe and Butter paintings display all the better things in life.

Tanina Jackson is the artist behind Babe and Butter Studios, a collection of oil on canvas artwork that's made its way onto bags, flash drives and iPhone cases. With titles like, "Caked Up," "Sex Pot" and "Spray Paint Socialite", Tanina's paintings make girly things look badass and vice versa. The images are textured, bright and clever--for example, next to a pair of heels she stenciled in, "I Get High".

We had a chance to ask Tanina a couple of questions about herself, so check out her answers below as well as more of her art.

You can shop her work here or on her Babe and Butter site.

What's in your bag?

Money, day planner, business cards, notepad, iPad, Blackberry, keys, pens, business card folder (I carry around my friends business cards--it's nice to promote the people you know). My bag is basically a mobile office.

What's in your mouth?

Any alcohol with bubbles! And I am about to get a veneer with a very small diamond in the corner for my right front tooth.

What's in your closet?

Flats. Kittens. Pumps. Lots of animal print and gold hoop earrings.

What's in your heart?

Hip-hop. Ideas. Dreams. $$$. Family.

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