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Cam Reed--blogger, Music Waste festival coordinator, writer, musician, secret punk and totally awesome dude--is Babe Rainbow, the self proclaimed surf-step artist on Warp Records. Cam started Babe Rainbow a while back as a casual solo project that quickly spawned into a full blown internet success. The name Babe Rainbow, was inspired by a piece of pop art by Peter Blake. "I thought it was ridiculous that everyone was name their bands stupid shit two words just randomly thrown together, so to mock it I named [my project] after that painting," says Cam. "But then the project got serious and I had to stick with it." Obviously Cam had no idea how big BR would become.

Babe Rainbow's EP "Shaved" was released on February 8th along with this video by Canadian film squad, Salazar (these genius kids also produce all Fan Death's videos).

Watch the video below and check out more Babe Rainbow here.

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