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Banksy is this generation’s Cher (except without the voice or the legs)

No one in the art world to date has been as successful at keeping their identity hidden as England’s Banksy. His politically charged, tongue-in-cheek stencil- style graffiti art has been popping up all over the U.K since 1994. With an illusive veil around him and a single-name pseudonym, Banksy’s work exploded onto the global scene in the early 2000’s. Eventually art dealers began selling Banksy’s pieces on the street for thousands of dollars. Art collectors from all over the world now covet paintings and installations that bear the mark of the man whose anti-capitalist message is obviously being misinterpreted.

In 2010, Exit Through The Gift Shop, a film produced by Banksy about a competing graffiti artist, was released. The film's protagonist, Mr. Brainwash, made millions selling pieces that were almost a direct rip-off of Banksy’s work. Almost immediately after its release, the word “hoax” began entering into its hype. Regardless, in 2011, Banksy was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary.

A new book, Banksy: Myths & Legends, features stories (truth: undetermined) about the artist’s early life and successful career through the eyes of his acquaintances and so-called friends. The book attempts to debunk the myths and legends surrounding one of this century’s most prolific and well-known artists.

See a few of Banksy’s famous stenciled pieces below.

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