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New work from Barbara Kruger at L & M Arts, Los Angeles

Money, power and desire--these are the core ideas that Barbara Kruger focused on for her new work at L&M Arts. Kruger has created a room “wrap” that visualizes her thoughts about these ideas we encounter on a daily basis. This is the Kruger’s first exhibition in her hometown of Los Angeles since her solo presentation at the Museum of Contemporary Art in 1999.

L & M Arts will also feature Kruger's multi-channel video installation The Globe Shrinks. This installation looks at Kruger’s engagement with the kindness and brutality of the everyday, the collision of declaration and doubt, the duet of pictures and words, the resonance of direct address, and the unspoken in every conversation. On the exterior of the building, Kruger has created a projection using two recent works, You Want it and In Violence, combining images and text that address wanting and needing, winning and losing.

See more of Kruger's work for L & M Arts below.

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